Key To Infinite Possibilities

Just imagine how would it be if you have the key to unlock the door of infinite possibilities in your life…..what if you can convert your dream life into a reality, smelling all the beautiful aromas of life…… if you have the key to set free the unlimited potential of your Mind, Body and Soul. What if you have the ultimate guidance to experience the abundance of Love, Joy and fulfillment.

You can eat whatever you want to eat, without worrying about your weight…

You can be free from your past pains and future worries…..

You can have the meaningful and lovely relationships in your life…

In short Living your life to the highest excitement…


Close your eyes for a moment and picture an infant held with utmost care to his mother’s chest. Hold that image in your mind and notice what you’re thinking about it. How do you feel toward this child?

Are you thinking, “He’s so weak, so incapable, Or, His hair is thinning, he doesn’t even have any teeth yet, all he does is eat and sleep, when is he going to makes something of himself, he’s such a burden…”

Sounds ridiculous??

Yet that’s how we view our true selves as we grow up and let those limited beliefs about worth, value, and success, get imbibe in our being. We begin the comparison and  lost this awareness of our inherent innocence and perfection.

Anybody who has an abusive childhood will grow up with the believe of unworthiness and will therefore always manifest unhealthy relationship in his/her life. These limited beliefs  resides somewhere deep in our subconscious mind. We need to bring our limiting beliefs into light and process them. We can loosen their grip on us and can eventually release them. By making the change within ourselves and in our belief systems, we can bring out the change in our outer world.